Golden Ticket for Ice Cream Social

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Can't make it to Grand Rapids? Going out of town? Have other commitments but want to show your support for the Gallery in exchange for randomly drawn art, swag, and other goodies?

Well, this is for you. Tickets are $10 each (+$5 total shipping whether for one ticket or 100*), and though they are not made out of gold, they will be in the drawing to be held March 30th 2013 at Ice Cream Gallery and Toys.

This is a donation, and you can pay *more* per ticket if you please. Donations of less than $10 will not get a ticket, but will be appreciated as support for the gallery.

Purchasers will be emailed their ticket numbers, and drawn ticket numbers will be posted on the Ice Cream Gallery page on facebook and here shortly after.

Because shipping is added, all online purchasers will receive *something* as a result of this drawing: ACEOs from participating artists, collectible toys, or art prints (or something way more awesome won in the drawing).

*$5 total shipping is for USA purchasers only. Out-of-country orders may need to arrange additional shipping.

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